The Conference venue is at IST Campus Alameda, Complexo Interdisciplinar.

The address of IST is

Avenida Rovisco Pais, 1 — 1049-001 Lisboa

and can be found here:


Here is a map of the campus:


The Conference lecture hall is located in a building very close to the campus west entrance opening to Rua Alves Redol. It is indicated by number 26 in the map.

The IST Alameda campus lies in the cosmopolitan heart of Lisbon, within a 10 minutes taxi drive from Lisbon airport, and well served by the Lisbon bus and metro networks, connecting the campus to museums and neighborhoods of cultural and social interest. In the vicinity of the campus there are several hotels within walking distance, as well as restaurants and cafes. 



IST is the largest and a highly reputed school of engineering, science and technology in Portugal.  


Since its creation in 1911, the mission of IST is to contribute to the development of society by providing top quality higher education in the areas of Engineering, Science, Technology and Architecture, at undergraduate and graduate levels.


IST’s faculty is involved in some of the most prestigious RD&I  and technology transfer projects in Portugal and Europe, and its activities have had, over time, a remarkable national impact, in many scientific and technological domains.


Research units of IST include CFTPCeFEMA and CENTRA, where research in theoretical hadron physics is developed by three groups, comprising a large scope of subjects, including hadron spectroscopy and structure and non-perturbative methods in Quantum Field Theory, relativistic hadron models, and Lattice gauge theories. 




The Lisbon airport is located within the perimeter of the city of Lisbon, in its northern part, but very near the center.

From the airport, you may take a taxi or the metro.

To the area of the Conference and the hotels, we estimate the taxi fare to be about 12 euros.

There are four metro lines, covering 46km of track and served by 55 metro stations.

The red line is the one that connects the airport to Saldanha, the stop by IST and the area of the conference hotels.

The metro is open from 6:30am until 1:00am and there is typically a train service every 6-9 minutes. 

The metro ticket machines accept coins, notes and cards.

There are two fare zones for Lisbon metro but all of the main tourist areas, including the airport are, within zone 1. The 2016 Lisbon metro fare prices are:

  • €1.40 – Single
  • €2.80 – Return
  • €6.00 – 24 hour unlimited travel, which includes Lisbon buses and trams.

Lisbon metro fares are loaded onto a magnetic travel card, “Viva Viagem”. This card and the unused fare lasts for several days, therefore a return ticket can be used on a subsequent day. The “Viva Viagem” card is used for the train and ferry services around Lisbon but the fare rates are different and cannot be used.


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